Apr 5, 2010

Jewelry ever usage

When you want to buy cheap fashion jewelry, what will you do? Most customer tend to seek it by Google. I have referred in my ever post that people have been inclined to purchasing in chains and jewelry store, not department store. So more and more people turn to chains to select their favorite. It is Jewelry that is the excellent present for women. who enjoy wearing it and rearranging it frequently.



However, jewelry has been used as item for functional use such as pins, clasps and bunkers in the past, not as decoration nowadays. No matter ever or nowadays, it is always a method of showing status or membership of a group. You must heard that you attend a special party or salon just in the situation that you have worn a special jewelry. The function of special jewelry is like a ticket, which show that you have been invited and you special status.



Jewelry is used as an item that protects from spirits and an item of artistic display or a token of love and responsibility. To men, wedding jewelry is a token of responsibility in more degrees. while to women, it is an unforgettable and romantic memory. Most of different usage is still existing and in use, nevertheless the popular usage is decoration and then it have developed into fashion trend.


Since this reason, jewelry become the essential of women's ornaments box. Women have to spend more time in rearranging it and think about it. Think about the price, cutting, design,etc.The design of jewelry will be shown in my next post .However, when it comes to price, I recommend you to choose CZ jewelry form of bracelets, clip earrings and rings. Cubic Zircon is considered as imitation of diamond and it is sold at lower price.



Apr 3, 2010

Rearrange Ornaments box Frequently

Women's ornaments box is a steady link to jewelry. Jewelry is the best present for women. So their ornaments boxes are full of accessories that are matching well with dress. Different dresses are needed in different occasions, so to match well with different dress, different style of jewelry is necessary. Women have to make their own ornament box collective and frequently rearrange them.

To men, it is difficult to rearrange ornaments frequently. But to women, it is just enjoyment to appreciate the sophisticated handicraft again and during the period, they feel relax and refresh in spirit.

You may love to rearrange jewelry collection by grouping like things collectively—rings with rings, clip earrings with clip earrings, bracelets with bracelets, or you probably prefer joining them according style or color or material.

Just enjoy the process of rearrange. When you open your jewelry box, you are going to searching a kind of jewelry to match with your dress. Just conform to the foundation or rules that you have heard how to combine jewelry with dress and in more occasions, you can combine them on your purpose to meet your appetite, which reflect your own quality, status and character. Show your own quality and be more charming

After you find your jewelry and pick it out, you will appreciate it. And think about the price, design of jewelry. Or it may bring back sweet memory to you. May it is given by your husband at your anniversary. In that day, he is more handsome and romantic than usual. lol! You have sweet time together, which is so unforgettable and memorable to you. The unique fashion jewelry is just a token of love and responsibility that he showed to you.
Have a good time and enjoy frequent rearrangement.

Mar 31, 2010

Thailand jewelry industry Revives

It is predicted that by researcher that the production of exporting jewelry of Thailand including gold bar will increase sharply,at least 30 per cent,for the price of gold will be up along with the price of oil.Therefore,merchants switch to gold and will be making profite by exporting gold.



It will gradually revive that jewelry industry except gold bar,including China,Russia,Europe and other new market,which is considered as the main fore to stimulate export production to increase.


Jewelry industry is the main part of Thailand’s income,no matter ever or now.Though affected by the finicial recession of main exporting market,such as US,Japan and Europe,the export of Thailand take on decline image,especially jewelry industry except gold.



Due to this reason,Thailand may added more factory to manufacture jewelry to make profite.Thailand jewelry is popular worldwide,which has developed into a marjor manufacturing industry.It not only has the world's recognized cutting, grinding and handicraft techniques, and has colored gemstones, such as to improve the quality of heat treatment processing technology such as core processing.Compared with it,jewelry industry in China is just a beginner.Charmful appearance of China pearl jewelry can not conseal the incompetent of market profitibily, jewelry design and creativity.It needs a clearer focus.



China pearl jewlery has its unique advantage.Compared with CZ jewelry,pearl jewelry has soft sparkle and shining,which make you more worshipful and manificient.However,thanks to those reason I have referred above, it restrain the continuous development of China pearl jewelry.


In future,economy of world will revive gradully and Thailand jewelry industry is coming back along that.What will China jewelry industry do?We are looking forward.People t end to purchase jewelry in chains and jewelry store rather than department store,which is explained that people tend to professional design of jewelry.Among them,Cubia Zircon jewlery is popular all the same.

Mar 25, 2010

Measur Ring Size

We all want to keep us up to date with the latest fashion jewelry trend and not want to be considered as outdate.I have discuss somthing about fashion jewelry with you before---some rules on selecting CZ jewelry,clip on earrings,bracelets and so on



Since the life is changing rapily and citzen are leading life and working at high pace,people will spend less and less time on shopping at nearby malls.They transfer to shop online,which is more convinient.Just make yourself comfortable on sofa or any places you feel relax,then surf and search your favourite.Bridal rings or engagement rings or wedding rings will astonish you.Maybe you will fall in love with its cut,shape,design or material.How do you know the ring is fit for your finger?



It is difficulty to measure your finger directly and you can not try the ring after purchase.Use rope measuer can not solve the problem because your fingers are thin and thin.Then the result will not be accurate.We just need a stripe paper.


1.       Cut a stripe paper

2.       Wrap paper around finger as if it were your ring.

3.       mark the spot, measure it

4.       write down the measurement

5.       Try it on again to make sure it fits.



Is it so easy to do by yourself? Try it and experience the enjoyment of shopping online.Afterwards,you will love to purchase online and it will become your habit.Once you get used to it,various jewelry design will be taken on before you..And what to buy is just up to you.